Relatives delve into the mystery of a family death in this fact-based book.



By Peter Hindley & Susan Goodsell


The Perfect Crime: A Story of Truth or Fantasy

Peter Hindley and Susan Goodsell





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Genre: Non-Fiction, True Crime, Political

Release Date: May 30, 2013

Digital ISBN 13:978-1-939217-64-6  ISBN 10:1-939217-64-4

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The Perfect Crime: A Story of Truth or Fantasy:

Events have accurately been recorded since the time of Alan’s death; they combine to reveal an intriguing story. Did he die naturally or was he helped in some way? Has a crime or two taken place? Some may think so. Maybe there is a conspiracy; if so how far it may extend is unclear. Nothing is quite as it should be.

This unique book evolves from a simple account to a vast scandalous exposé, a true and topical account showing a fascinating view of human nature, society, and the establishment in the United Kingdom. Many questions are posed for the reader and evidence is laid bare as you take a journey of discovery.

The story and writing style changes drastically as the twists and turns in the narrative expose themselves; ultimately it reaches a logical end, but that is not the end of the story. A sequel is already underway.



About Peter Hindley:

Peter Hindley is a coach to dance competitors and is a jury member for international dance competitions. He left England in 2007 for a new life in France and has been recording events since his brother’s unconventional death in 2002.


About Susan Goodsell:

Susan Goodsell, co-author and Peter’s niece, lives in England with her partner and their two now grown-up sons. She spent many years in London before returning to Kent in 1997. The year her father died she began teaching English in a secondary school; now after finishing work, she returns home to begin another shift, as a detective and writer.



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EXCERPT of The Perfect Crime: A Story of Truth or Fantasy:

We have accurately recorded the events near the time of Alan Hindley’s death, who was a brother to Peter and father of Susan, the two authors of this account, and what followed; they combine to reveal an intriguing story. Did he die naturally or was he helped in some way? Has a crime or two taken place? Some may think so. Maybe there is a conspiracy; my lawyer certainly thought so; how far that conspiracy extends is unclear. We are certain that nothing is quite as it should be. Nevertheless this account shows a fascinating view of human nature, English society and the workings of the establishment in the United Kingdom. The story is so bizarre that it could well be fiction, and that is why I have added "A story of truth or fantasy" to the title. What is frightening is that it is all absolutely true.

            The normal formalities that follow a death were not adhered to after Alan’s demise: Why the mandatory procedures were bypassed may not be evident, but during the course of our nine year account they certainly do become evident.

            Why did his wife act as she did and who aided her? These and so many other questions will become apparent.

            In this case what is certain now is that the will and wishes of the deceased, Alan Edward Hindley of Paignton, Devon, has not been adhered to and the UK law and establishment did nothing to aid its rectification: The laws relating to Wills are fatally flawed and the government is fully aware of that. As named executors we have been denied the right to execute his wishes. You may think this is not possible, but it is, and it has proved to be absolutely legal.

His wife, Wendy, acted as sole executor of her husband’s Last Will and Testament without the other two named executors and we reveal how simple it is to do just that. Why she felt this was necessary will ultimately be disclosed. You will learn how the solemn duty of executing a will can be mal administered in a totally legal way and without fear of retribution.

            We have experienced many twists and turns along our path of discovery and these have been reflected in both the different styles and structure of the book. Our journey has taken us to numerous office doors and has led us into the heart of the halls of government, where events have made it very apparent that what we were witnessing was true injustice and unchecked corruption within the United Kingdom. It is for this reason that we felt it necessary to pen our story, to be able to share our account with you and all our other readers, who have been reading an abridged account on the Internet since May 2008; it is very much in the public’s interest to be aware of what can go wrong and does go very wrong daily.

            We have been told that Alan died in his home during the evening of 14th March 2002 in more than one place, and all on the same night, the last time anything vaguely like this happened was two thousand years ago (please forgive the last statement, it is not meant to offend); but first a little background information about the family.



Text Box: How safe is your Last Will and Testament?
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Also available in E-BOOK and KINDLE
Text Box: We have proved that you or a loved one’s Last Will and Testament can be easily bypassed in England, and we show you how it can be done, with or without the help of a solicitor. Executors can be excluded. Even Wills written by solicitors can be ignored and they know this while continuing to sell that service. All this is true and the reason we have written this book; it is the public’s interest to know.

The story shows what we have experienced and uncovered while trying to execute Alan Hindley’s Will; it has resulted in a complex 9 year journey that exposes many facets of human nature and the establishment’s workings. You may be amazed by what is disclosed within the pages. Please remember that everything is true; it may read like a fantasy novel, detective fiction, but it is all absolutely true.
Text Box: ‘The Perfect Crime: A Story Of Truth Or Fantasy’  makes headlines in two French newspapers.












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The United Kingdom is at present a Police State?


Now in the news and media the people of Britain are reminded that they should vote for their local police and crime commissioner (PCC): This is the first election for these new positions and most people do not understand why the election is taking place or what this new election is for.


Well let me tell you a little of the history to this. When we were trying to act as two of the named executors of Alan Hindley’s Last Will and Testament we discovered that we had been bypassed by the third executor; they had single- handedly mal administered the Will: Trying to seek rectification of this act eventually lead to me having a meeting with Paul Hughes, the aide to the Minister of Justice.


During that meeting when it was clear that the Ministry of Justice was not going to act in anyway to help us honour Alan Hindley’s wishes or life, or rectify any of the flawed inheritance legislation, I asked who was the minister responsible for the actions of the Police (they had also failed us in so many ways and we have logged that in our book).


What followed was astounding; Paul Hughes suggested that the minister responsible for the police was the incumbent at the Treasury, they actually pay for the police, but previously the Treasury had told us that they had no control over the police.


Then the Home office was suggested, but they had earlier denied responsibility; several other suggestions were put forward but the same applied to all. No government ministry that we had contacted admitted responsibility.


Paul Hughes was puzzled and his face showed clear alarm at the situation because, if you take this to its logical conclusion, no government ministry had any control over police actions and the British police were in fact accountable to nobody.


So what happened next? As previously stated the Ministry of Justice would do nothing to aid us in rectifying the dead person’s will or change any inheritance laws, but they said that they would immediately track down the minister responsible for the police.


Why should they do that? The answer is simple. I had highlighted the fact that Britain was in fact a police state and it looks like it has been since as early as 1673; the political implications for the government were enormous. Could the government admit to the world that Britain was a Police State? I think not.


We must assume that Paul Hughes actually came to the same conclusion as we had earlier and sought to rectify the enormous oversight but it was not going to be easy; the police would not relinquish their power readily and the government could not let them continue without some control.


After a month or so a Minister responsible for the police was installed but I am not sure whether that post still remains or whether it holds any weight.


So now the people of Britain are being asked for the first time in British history to elect a local commissioner to oversee the police, but I must ask: Is this a valid solution or just political window dressing?


If you wish to read more of my meeting at the Ministry of Justice and other discoveries we have exposed, they can be found in our book “The Perfect Crime a story of truth or fantasy”.

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Reviews left on various sites:


Brilliant read, full of surprises a must read and be shocked book.’


‘I am a huge fan of true crime and suspense. The author delivers!’


‘A remarkable fact-based journey!’


‘Fantastic book full of surprises that will keep you on the seat of your chair.’


I found out about this book through my son's school which the author is linked to. The plot line seemed very interesting so I purchased the book. It is extremely detailed and almost unbelievable that a family can be let down so badly at such a terrible time. It was very revealing with regards to the names named - people that you would have thought were there to assist you when something has so clearly gone wrong after the death of a loved one.

An enormous amount of background work went into writing this book and it is a real credit to the authors that they have managed to condense everything down into 1 book - without losing the detail. I sincerely hope that there is a follow up because otherwise it would signal that people have managed to get away with 'The Perfect Crime'.’


A brilliant book - but a shame for the family that there was ever reason to put pen to paper.’


You HAVE to read this book. Susan and Peter were so brave to write it. Intrigue and corruption abound. It's a truth that you would never have thought could happen but it did!’


‘The Perfect Crime is a book like no other, it is an excellent read but what is more important than this is the fact that it will make you question everything you ever felt was safe and Cosy about your life- that your faith in the establishment is ultimately something you should question and certainly not something to take for granted or to be relied on: in essence no-one will look after you in your hour of need-keep family and friends close and your enemies even closer, but be warned who's who ?
This book will shock you to the core.........’


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